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Offering you a complete choice of products which include naturaa pond bloom development metabolism booster, aquaculture disinfectant and feed up aqua feed supplement.
Naturaa Pond Bloom Development Metabolism Booster

Naturaa Pond Bloom Development Metabolism Booster

Rs 400  / LitreGet Best Price
Fish TypeAquatic
Usage/ApplicationAquaculture Fish And Shrimp Ponds
Packaging Size20 L
Best ForPond Bloom Development, White Fecal Disease, Shrimp, Fish Metabolism Enhancer
Type Of SupplementFeed Supplement
Grade StandardFeed Grade
Shelf Life1 Year
Drug Composition100% Natural
IngredientsOrganically Derived Micro-Organisms With The Special Combination Of Essential Micro, Macro Nutrients

Naturaa Pond Bloom Development Metabolism Booster used as feed supplement, supports immunological response of shrimp and fish resulting healthy metabolism to achieve over all growth performance and best FCR.

NATURA-A used as multi functional feed mix ingredient and for pond management, it enhances survivability, acts as preventive and disease cure.

Mode Of Action:

NATURA-A improves appetite, digestion, and assimilation and elimination of toxins in the body, thus helps prevent illness and cure diseases.  

NATURA-A serves as a multi functional feed ingredient in the diet of shrimp and fish by enhancing survivability, growth performance, Stimulate the immune system and produce a lot of antibodies against the ingested microorganisms. 

NATURAA Controls White Fecal and White Gut diseases.

Pond water and Soil quality is improved and maintains healthy phytoplankton bloom.

NATURAA Keeps the pond bottom clean, reduces Ammonia, Nitrite, H2S.

It is effective at High Salinity, TDS.

Over All Growth And Improved Metabolism: - Feed Mix

NATURA-A can be used from the time of Pond Preparation and daily through out the culture period. Resulting improved growth of the shrimps and fish, enhances disease resistance, increases stress tolerance, boost survival rates, resulting improved product value and marketability.

Bloom Development: Direct Application To Pond

  1. Before Stocking: Application 2 days before stocking, helps to develop healthy phytoplankton bloom.
  2. It is recommended to apply once in 15 days or any time during culture for developing healthy bloom, NATURAA can applied to the bloom crashed ponds to bring back healthy phytoplankton bloom, and to improve Pond water and Soil quality.

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Aquaculture Disinfectant

Aquaculture Disinfectant

Rs 750  / LitreGet Best Price

Minimum Order Quantity: 12 Litre

Usage/ApplicationPond Water Disinfectant to Control Vibrio
Packaging Size1 Ltr
Packaging TypeBottle
Physical StateLiquid
BrandOxy doc
Country of OriginMade in India

Aquaculture Disinfectant
Eco Friendly Pond Disinfection & Disease Control
Effective Against Bacterial (Vibrio), Viruses, Spores, Fungus, Mold and Mildew
Multi-Purpose Disinfectant used for 

  • 1) Reservoir / Pond Preparation (Avoid Using Bleaching Powder)
  • 2) Culture Pond disinfection (Disease Prevention)
  • 3) Disease Control (Black Gill Cure, LB etc)
  • 4) Removal of Toxic Gases, Dead Planktons
  • 5) DO Level (Dissolved Oxygen) Increase
  • 6) Pre Harvest

Best replacement for Toxic Bleaching Powder
Benefits of OxyDoc at Pond Preparation:

  • Increases Post larva (seed) survivability
  • Creates safe, hygiene, clear pond
  • Avoids harmful residual chemicals due to bleaching
  • Save on man power, Economical.
  • Supports Health and Growth of shrimp
  • Increases yield
  • Oxidises Heavy metals, Toxins of Chlorine, Pesticides
  • No negative environmental impact
Most Suitable Disinfectant for entire culture period.
Absolutely No Stress on Animals  

Benefits of OxyDoc at Culture Pond:

  • Effectively disinfect ponds without stressing animal
  • Helps to Maintain excellent water quality
  • Controls pathogenic Bacteria (Vibrio), Fungi, Protozoa, Spores
  • Oxidises dead planktons
  • Removes Bad gases from pond bottom
  • Increases Dissolved Oxygen Level
  • Resulting disease free, healthy shrimps
3. DISEASE CONTROL:           
Black Gill, LB, other Bacterial, Fungus, Sporicidal diseases)
Benefits of OxyDoc at Pond as Disease Control
  • Controls Mortality
  • Prevents disease spread
  • Improves animal health
  • Reduces usage of expensive chemicals

OxyDoc acts as a Pond conditioner, effectively oxidises toxic gases, dead planktons, reduces bad sludges and organic load at the pond bottom.
Benefits of OxyDoc as Pond Conditioner

  • Maintains pond hygiene
OxyDoc instantly increases the DO Level (Dissolved Oxygen) in the pond, helps to maintain pond water quality.
  • OxyDoc can be used as disinfectant at any point of time during all stages of culture
  • Avoids harmful residual chemicals due to bleaching
  • Creates safe and stress-free pond
  • Effective on wide PH range 4 to 9
  • Save on manpower and time on de-chlorination & bloom setting.
  • Save on top up water quantity / frequency
  • Eliminates Phenols, Cyanides, Sulphates
  • Removes Iron, Manganese and Methanogens from water
  • No residues and non-carcinogenic
  • Non-toxic, non-irritating and anti-inflammatory
OxyDoc is supplied as 2 components, to be mixed and prepared at pond site.
Method of Preparation of Concentrated OxyDoc
Step1–Add Activator completely into the Basic bottle 
Step2–Close air tight, Shake gently for proper mixing
Step3-Allow 3 hours for reaction, store in dark, cool place.
Step4–After 3 Hours, OxyDoc of yellow in colour is ready for dilution and usage.
Step5–To be diluted / mixed with pond water for usage as per dosage recommended
Step6-Use the prepared solution within 5 days from the date of mixing


Additional Information:

  • Delivery Time: 1 Week
  • Packaging Details: 12 Ltrs /carton

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Feed Up Aqua Feed Supplement

Feed Up Aqua Feed Supplement

Rs 600  / KgGet Best Price
Packaging Size1 Kg
Best ForSupports To Achieve Lower Feed Conversion Ratio (FCR).
Packaging TypeHDPE Bottle
Grade StandardFeed Grade
Shelf Life1 Year

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